Benefits of Indian Head Massage in the workplace


Massage treatments in the workplace

Indian Head Massage (or a shortened version of the full treatment) is extremely versatile. In the workplace it is provided on a massage chair, or any low-backed chair, with the employee clothed. It can successfully be delivered in a short amount of time, from 10-30 minutes depending on your requirements, ensuring that employees receive a beneficial treatment without disturbing the pace and rhythm of their working day. All we need is a quiet corner or a side room so that we can create a haven in which we can do our magic ‘Bringing Back Balance’ in order to relax, revitalise, refocus and re-energise your employees.

Psychological Benefits:

Reduced feelings of stress and tension

Increased sense of relaxation

Decreased anxiety  – leading to fewer sleep related issues

Energising and uplifting

Physical Benefits:

Increased mobility to shoulder and neck regions

Increased circulation of oxygenated blood to the areas being massaged

Increased blood flow to the brain which reduces fatigue and improves concentration

Reduction in muscle tension around the eyes and head, reducing the likelihood of headaches

Benefits for your organisation:

Reduced levels of absenteeism due to stress / anxiety

A more motivated workforce

Increased productivity and efficiency

Improved staff morale and loyalty


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